Royals Nightly
Thursday, July 29, 2004
Game 100- Devil Rays 2, Royals 0 (35-65)
Wow. What a 100 games its been, we can only hope the final 62 are a little better, although almost certainly they will actually be worse. The Royals began this series with a poor offensive showing, and managed, bit by bit, to get a little worse each night; going 2-1-0 in the runs scored category.

Heres some baseball math: 4 Hits+ 3 Walks + 1 GIDP= 0 Runs Scored

Tip of the blogger cap to my new favorite Royal, Mike Wood. Wood continued his rise to the top of the Royals rotation, with a strong 7 inning effort (7 H, 2BB, 2Ks 2ER). It heartens me to think that the Royals may have been able to get something useful for 2/3rds of a Beltran season, so until proven otherwise Royals Nightly's gonna be real high on Wood. I think he's already better than Gobble and Anderson (at least this season's nightmare version of BA), and nipping at the heals of "staff ace" D.A.R.Y.L. May.

Incredibly Low Batting Averages Update
Buck (DNP)
Relaford: .201
Castillo: .206


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