Royals Nightly
Thursday, July 22, 2004
Ex-Royals Sink Current Royals
From the comments section, yet another depressing angle to last night's game was brought up:

"You didn't mention the 3 ex-Royals who helped in the Detroit victory last night. Rondell White hit a HR and Al Levine and Jamie Walker pitched 2 2/3 perfect innings. Now that sucks."

True again. I loved White last year as a Royal. By the time he was acquired, the Royals had lost the infamous 7 game lead, and in fact, were already floating between 2nd and 3rd place, but were not yet mathematically out. The offense had been limping along for the season's entire second half, and Rondell appeared and had some nice games. (.347/.400/.613 in 22 games) It was a reasonable risk for Allard to sign him, or not sign him, given his injury history. The Tigers overpaid a bit for Rondell (2 years 6 million plus), nevertheless he's been good but not great, posting  a .277/.344/.462 line in 83 games. 

Seeing Levine and Walker do OK doesnt annoy me as much. The Royals bully has been decent, and Levine, for what its worth, hasn't been that good. I'm sure the Royals will make a major push to bring Rondell back in the 2006 off-season when he's a FA agent again. They do love retreading guys (Randa, Mayne, Mendy, Tucker etc)


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