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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Anderson Pointlessly Back in Rotation
The Royals announced a few days ago that they are going to send Brian Anderson back to the starting rotation. According to Tony Pena, "Right now, we have to find out about BA. We have to make a decision."

OK. Fair enough. Thats true, although, the case could certainly be made that the decision has already been made, and rightly.

"I don't think we'll find out if he's in the bullpen and I don't think he's going to do any better if he's in the bullpen," Pena said. "He's a starting pitcher and he's always been a starting pitcher."

Alright, I guess. This is pretty stupid thinking from Pena. Look, as I wrote earlier Brian Anderson is better than he's pitched, but why the insistence on roles and inflexibility? The fact is, Anderson has been better in the bullpen, and has helped the team (sorta) in that role. I simply don't understand the mentality of "he's a starting pitcher and he's always been..." blah blah blah

Perhaps the worst part of the move is that Dennys Reyes is moving into the bullpen to accomadate the move. Why!?!?!?!?


Reyes has been the best non-Greinke starter on the team this season, and has been markedly better than Anderson.

VORP: Anderson -25.1; Reyes 8.6
H/9: Anderson 14.2; Reyes 9.8
BB/9: Anderson 3.4; Reyes 4.2 (so, at least Anderson is better in one category)
K/9: Anderson 3.4; Reyes 7.4
HR/9: Anderson 2.1; Reyes .9

Working backwards, whats the upside to this move? Brian Anderson goes 2-1 over his three starts and posting like a 4.50 ERA with no walks or Ks?? So then he's deemed to be "back" and Dennys Reyes is vaguely still a part of the scene, maybe having some value as trade bait, maybe helping the team win 60 games. Whatever.

What does Jimmy Gobble have to do to be demoted, rested, sent to AAA to try some things out etc? He's striking out NO ONE and basically enduring on the fact that the K's fences have been moved back.


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