Royals Nightly
Saturday, July 31, 2004
Allard Baird's Moment in the Sun
From what I've seen from Royals fans online, just about everyone likes the Huber deal. The praise is not just from fans however, from Joe Sheehan at BP:

"The big winner of the day? Allard Baird, who picked up a terrific prospect in Huber for the cost of a waiver claim on Bautista. Even if Huber moves out from behind the plate, he's shown enough offensive potential that he could be an asset in an outfield corner or perhaps as a replacement for Mike Sweeney at first base.. Think a younger, better Jayson Werth, and credit Baird for being opportunistic."

Plus, Jimmy Gobble's been sent down to Omaha, which I think is good for both the Royals, and Jimmy Gobble.

Lastly, Rudy (Rudy! Rudy!) Seanez has been flipped for Abraham Nunez of the Marlins. From RotoWorld. Nunez might not pan out, but he might be an upgrade over Dee Brown, now, or someday soon. As with the Huber deal, considering that Seanez was pulled from the bottom of the scrap heap, given some innings, and then traded, you can't help but like what Allard's doing.


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