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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
VORP Numbers- Greinke Storms to 65th
Looking at BP's VORP numbers quickly reveals the level of ineptitude we've been dealing with this year. Zach Greinke, the Zach Greinke who has made four starts this season, leads the Royals in VORP (Value Over Replacement Player**), proving to be more valuable in 26 innings than J. Gobble has been in 64+. For the unintiated, VORP measures quality, but accumulates like a counting stat (RBIs, SBs etc). The truly bad can actually post negative VORPs, and luckily for us, the Royals have lots of cool instances of this feat for us to study. Greinke's been awesome, and I do not mean to criticize him, still he's 65th amongst MLB pitchers in VORP, right between David Wells and Joe Nathan.

Read 'em and weep:

Name IP / VORP

B. Anderson 64.7 / -20.1
J. Gobble 64.3 / 7.6
D. May 63.0 / -6.3
J. Affeldt 56.7 / 1.5
D. Reyes 42.3 / 11.7
S. Sullivan 27.3 / 7.6
Z. Greinke 26.0 / 12.6
S. Camp 23.7 / 6.1
J. Grimsley 22.3 / 7.2
N. Field 20.3 / 4.8
J. Cerda 17.7 / 6.0
C. Leskanic 15.0 / -5.8
C. George 12.0 / 3.1
J. Huisman 10.7 / -.7
D. Carrasco 6.3 / -5.3
M. MacDougal 4.0 / -2.7
E. Villacis 3.3 / -2.7

(sorry BP listed them by Innings, and it would be too annoying to re-order 'em)

Umm, needless to say, that -20.1 posted by Brian Anderson is just terrible. But what about that previously beloved Field/Camp combo!!! They were above league average!! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! Affeldt has been outperformed by Reyes, which is kinda cool for D-Ray, but highlights how little Affeldt has lived up to expectations.

**For a more detailed explanation of VORP, read Keith Woolner's wonderful explanation here. "VORP -- (V)alue (O)ver (R)eplacement (P)layer. The number of runs contributed beyond what a replacement-level player would contribute if given the same percentage of team plate appearances."


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