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Monday, June 21, 2004
Top Fives on a Travel Day
Its a travel day, for me and the Royals, so I figured I'd post a smattering of figures. Listed below are the top five Royals players in 11 different statistical categories. Because I'm feeling nice, I listed the categories from the "good" perspective, which I guess is a roundabout way of saying that I didn't do a bottom-five type post. While its certainly arbitrary as hell to do something like this, theres nonetheless some value in it. The presence of Kelly Stinnett in many of the top fives is instructive, especially since he hardly ever got PT (playing time), as well as, just to list another example, the noticeable absence of Mike Sweeney in the categories that matter.

Runs Created

C. Beltran 50.8
K. Harvey 42.7
M. Sweeney 32.2
J. Randa 32.1
M. Stairs 27.6

On-Base Percentage

K. Harvey .390
K. Stinnett .379
C. Beltran .371
T. Graf .361
J. Randa .349

Slugging Percentage

C. Beltran .522
K. Harvey .511
M. Stairs .488
K. Stinnett .458
J. Gonzalez .441

Isolated Power

C. Beltran .241
M. Stairs .215
A. Guiel .187
M. Sweeney .172
W. Guerrero .167

Batting Average

K. Harvey .354
K. Stinnett .305
T. Graf .285
C. Beltran .281
J. Randa .280

You know, Mike Sweeney nearly won a batting title once.

Walks per PA

B. Gettis .167
C. Beltran .122
A. Guiel .103
D. DeJesus .103
M. Lopez .091

OK, so the walk-rate top five features three bench players, an injured Aaron Guiel, and Carlos. Thats both a little deceptive (small sample demons) and instuctive at the same time. Gettis might lead the post-Beltran Royals in walks at this pace.

Innings Pitched

J. Gobble 76.2
D. May 74.0
B. Anderson 70.2
J. Affeldt 60.0
D. Reyes 58.1


D. May 52
D. Reyes 45
J. Affeldt 30
B. Anderson 26
S. Sullivan 25

Strikeouts per 9IP

M. MacDougal 13.50
R. Seanez 9.00
C. Leskanic 8.62
S. Sullivan 7.18
D. Reyes 6.94

Walks+Hits/Innings Pitched

R. Seanez .75
Z. Greinke .97
N. Field 1.22
D. Carrasco 1.26
S. Camp 1.27


R. Seanez 0.00
J. Cerda 2.66
Z. Greinke 3.00
J. Grimsley 3.38
N. Field 3.42

I'm convinced that Beltran will be traded on a day that I can't reach a computer because I'll be in the middle of nowhere. At this point, I 'm not sure if thats good or bad.


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