Royals Nightly
Monday, June 14, 2004
Royals Hit the Big Time
ESPN.com covers the Royals-Beltran saga from multiple angles today, with Neyer, Olney and Gammons all weighing in on the topic. I love it when they do this, were some management-type has obviously said, "write on this for this day" to like 4 people. Although usually its part of some commercial tie-in, like the Mastercard "Greatest Moments" or some such nonsense.

The attacks on Boras have stepped over a line I think, Gammons's last two pieces have featured some very strong anti-Boras sentiment, as does Mr. Productive Out himself, Buster Olney (hows that coming along again Buster?). Look, no one is making the owners pay or not pay anyone, including Boras and whomever eventually signs Beltran. Get over it, he's a good agent. Enough feigned outrage.


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