Royals Nightly
Tuesday, June 29, 2004
The Pen's Allright
According to stats kept over at BP, the Royals feature baseball's 13th best bullpen. BP's system is based on ARP (Adjusted Runs Prevented) which takes into account park factors, the situations in which the pen has been used etc etc. A much better explanation can be found here, really fabulous stuff, although not quite like when you used to keep batting average's by hand. Interestingly, their park factor data still has the K playing like a slight hitter's park (runs +3.4%), as opposed to the solidly pitcher-friendly interpretation (runs -17%) produced by espn. Given recent history, I think its safe to assume BP's # is a little closer to being accurate, largely because their formula includes more data and lots of weighted means and stuff.

Looking things in a much simpler, but still illustrative way, the Royals' team ERA from the 7th inning on is 4.65 (not very good, its only 22nd best in baseball). By way of comparision however, 4.65 is awesome, considering that the team ERA in innings 1-6 is a massive 5.14, good for 28th best in baseball.


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