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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Park Factors at the K
I'm contractually obligated to mutter something about sample size here. Still, for the curious, here are the 2004 Park Factors for the K.

(over 1.0 favors the hitters, under 1.0 favors the pitchers)

Runs- .840 25th
HR- .689 28th
H- .990 13th
2B- .845 24th
3B- 2.667 1st

I think we might be seeing some of the effects of the deeper dimensions here. That triples factor is insane, and will almost certainly go down. For the most part, it looks like alot of homers have been turned into non-homers, which has certainly depressed run scoring. But again, its early enough in the season that Dodger Stadium could be playing like a hitters park with enough fluky games.


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