Royals Nightly
Thursday, June 03, 2004
Offensive Stats
Runs: 228 (23rd)
Avg: .264 (17th)
SLG: .414 (22nd)
OBP: .327 (23rd)
BBs: 138 (27th)
HRs: 55 (15th)

Good to see that the recent "Royals resemble 1998 team" article focused on the poor batting average, considering its basically their best offensive attribute. Brilliant work guys, brilliant.


(avg/obp/slg) OPS RK

LHP: (.258/.328/.402) .729 21st
RHP: (.265/.321/.413) .734 23rd

Home: (.276/.343/.402) .745 (20th)
Away: (.252/.306/.416) .711 (25th)

How about that .711 team OPS on the road. Umm, thats not good. I'm amazed that there are 5 teams that are worse.


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