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Friday, June 11, 2004
Not Getting On-Base
(So I guess May did start after all. Bleh.)
The Royals aren't hitting for average, as any KC Star reader can tell you, and they aren't taking walks. Its basically the anatomy of a below-average offense we've got here in KC, especially without much power, or, (ahh what the hell, I'm feeling traditional) speed.
Behold, the ugliness:

K. Stinnett .415
K. Harvey .406 (during what % of his career do you think Harvey's OBP will be this high?)

T. Graf .359
C. Beltran .353
A. Blanco .339
M. Sweeney .330 (ouch)
J. is Gone .326
J. Randa .323 (he once batted this much... ahh.. the late 90s)
M. Stairs .321 (shoulda been better)
B. Gettis .310 (sadly, it will drop from here)

B. Santiago .293
A. Guiel .279 (actually impressive considering he's basically blind in one eye)
A. Brown .273
D. Relaford .258
A. Berroa .255 (umm... thats really not cool AB)
W. Guerrero .250 (the nice clean # betrays the small sample size
B. Berger .233
M. Lopez .209
D. DeJesus .185
R. Thompson .000

OBP can, and should be the domain of average and walks-types, since it considers both after all. With that in mind, wanna really hate life? Look at all the players that don't even have OBPs that would pass for a decent batting average.

And I didn't even mention the lack of power.


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