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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
No Ks at the K
Well, I've spent all season bitching about it, and slowly the pitching staff's lack of Ks is getting some mainstream coverage. Not because of this site of course, although it does make me feel good.
Yesterday's online edition of Baseball Prospectus touched on the trend... looking first at JImmy Gobble. Gobble is on pace to striekout the fewest hitters per 9innings in major league history. Here's the chart BP generated:

Year Pitcher K/9 League Difference
2004 Jimmy Gobble 2.01 6.25 4.24
2003 Nate Cornejo 2.13 6.11 3.98
1969 Joe Niekro 2.45 6.02 3.57
2002 Kirk Rueter 3.36 6.77 3.41
1999 Scott Karl 3.37 6.69 3.32

The piece goes on to discuss the staff's general ineptitude, faulty comparisions to the WhiteyBall Cards and other depressing matters.


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