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Saturday, June 05, 2004
JoePo on Harvey
Star columnist Joe Posnanski writes on Harvey today. I love JoePo... the column's not really a column, more of just a story about how awesome dude's doing. Of course, no mention of anything other than batting average, but then again, that's basically the reason for the story.

Harvey has hit over .500 during his hitting streak and his batting average is so unbelievably high that he's becoming a story. I'm trying to be more positive about Harvey and smell the roses. Look, he's not much more than the batting average, but the batting average is insanely high; so to criticize him for that would be sorta like attacking a girl just being incredibly hot. Respect.

So instead of focusing on what Big Ken doesn't do, lets celebrate what he does.

Harvey's first amoung AL 1st-basemen in VORP (Value Over Replacement Player), a stat which integrates all aspects of offensive contribution.

1. K. Harvey 24.1
2. T. Martinez 19.1
3. P. Konerko 17.1
4. R. Palmeiro 16.4
5. J. Giambi 16.1

The league average for AL 1st-baseman is .254/.340/.408, and Harvey is at .376/.415/.545.



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