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Friday, June 04, 2004
ISO and Ken Harvey
In all the debate surrounding Ken Harvey's usefulness, we should consider his isolated power, or lack thereof. ISO's still a bit beyond the mainstream pale, and is definetly a bit singular in its purpose- it tells you exactly one thing about a player and nothing more.

Heres the Royals ISO numbers:

W. Guerrero .286
C. Beltran .266
K. Stinnett .220
A. Guiel .187
M. Sweeney .184
M. Stairs .177
K. Harvey .172
J. Gonzalez .164
B. Santiago .129
J. Randa .102
A. Berroa .102
T. Graf .079
M. Lopez .079

Team Rating .147

Note how much Randa's power, even his doubles power has dropped off. Ditto for Berroa, which hurts considering that his little bit of pop was a big part of his value last season. Sweeney's pretty low as well, and well, you see Swingin' Ken's numbers for yourself. Still Harvey's doing better than the paltry team average. (How about that Mendy- he's still sitting on 1 EXTRA base hit, which was his dramatic opening day blast)


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