Royals Nightly
Thursday, June 10, 2004
Idiocy Alert
Carlos Zambrano just threw 121 pitches and 8 innings in a game that was 11-0 in the 5th inning. Why? Zambrano's last three innings on the mound were both strategically pointless and borderline negligent. Beyond the obvious arm issues, what happens if So Taguchi goes Marcus Giles and runs into CZ on the basepaths? Or if Scott Rolen hits a screamer back to the mound?

Dusty Baker's regime in Chicago has been marked by his sheer arrogance towards the media, and a blinding ignorance of how to keep starting pitchers healthy. Most amazingly, this team has watched Prior and Wood struggle with injuries, with apparently no one with any voice in the Cubs Dugout getting the memo. Beyond the still very important relevance to Carlos Zambrano-- it is after all his career and his wealth that is stake-- there is the allegedly pursuit of a historically and culturally important Cub's berth in the World Series. And beyond that the very real possibility that the Cub's could parlay this rotation into a Braves' like decade of excellence. Instead, the Cub's have made their bed with a man who is unwittingly willing to destroy it all.


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