Royals Nightly
Thursday, June 10, 2004
Hated Rivals Kept Apart Only By Rain
The Expos and Royals don't like each other very much, despite what you might hear (or not hear)them say to the press. Since this simple game started being played in the 19th century, the foundations of the Expos-Royals rivalry had been sown. The French you see, have a distaste for Monarchy. It was kinda their schtick, before schtick was an idea; they sorta turned hating Royals into a lifestyle. Eventually, many Frenchmen ended up in Quebec, making Montreal the province's Crown Jewel. Well, not really Crown Jewel, since you know the whole anti-monarch thing by now, more like, "the province's most badass city". Fast forward a couple centuries, and Kansas City, along with (for some unknown reason) Syracuse/Rochester NY and Cincinatti OH has taken up the tradition of Royals/Monarchs/Chiefs as its sporting nomenclature.


And for that, we see the fierce determination in each team's players. Its like India and Pakistan in cricket. ``I'll definitely play tomorrow,'' said Ken Harvey.

The rainclouds torment us no more! The score will be settled! The Expos have their ideas, we as Royals fans have ours.

As RoboBud once opined, "this time it counts!"


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