Royals Nightly
Sunday, June 20, 2004
Games 65 & 66- Phillies 12, Royals 4 (26-40)
And that my friends, is an anticlimax. After scoring 30 runs in 3 days, the Royals finished up the road trip with back to back losses, scoring a total of 4 runs. With a chance to "win" a) the roadtrip or b) a second straight series, the Royals did neither.

Is it possible for this team to draw walks AND hit for power in the same game? On Saturday the Royals drew 5 walks, but since they could not muster any XBHs, their 7 singles weren't sufficient. Sadly, it was a very winnable game, as Greinke continued to be Greinke, allowing only 3 runs in 6IP. Perhaps the best part of Greinke's effort was the 6Ks. Big Zach's K-rate hasn't been awesome so far, but 6 in 6 is more than adequate, and for a Royal its downright sparkling.

Returning to the original point, this afternoon the Royals banged out 4XBHs, but only drew one walk, which put them right back where they started, which is to say, nowhere. Four XBHs isn't anything to blog about, but still, those doubles and homers don't do much good with no one on base.

The Dennys Reyes miracle run at replacement-level hit a speedbump today, as he was toasted for 7 in 2. Uggh. I've really gotta run some bullpen numbers at some point, because I'm convinced this is a good pen... had the Royals been capable of scoring some runs, the game could have gotten interesting. Nevertheless, this game was over early. We'll get 'em next time Dennys.

Rudy Seanez- 2IP, 3K, no runs allowed. Still none allowed whilst wearing Royal Blue.


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