Royals Nightly
Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Game 75- Orioles 13, Royals 4 (29-46)
I'm not sure how most Red Sox fans are feeling tonight, but I'd encourage them to imagine being a Royals fan as a possible salve to their pyschological woes. Tonight's game was comical. Two errors in the first half inning, a quick 5-0 deficit, a total disaster on the mound in the supposed "showcase start" from Brian Anderson, and an offense which has devolved into hoping Ken Harvey hits 4 singles at the right time.

Actually, the Royals did draw a somewhat amazing 7 walks, but, as usual, failed to manufacture a single extra-base-hit. No doubles, no triples, no home runs.

Sometimes, you run out of ways to say "terrible": bad pitching, bad hitting, bad fielding, no fans in the stands, getting dominated by a bad Orioles team.

More on Brian Anderson later, right now... right now, I've gotta just step away.


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