Royals Nightly
Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Game 73- Orioles 10, Royals 1 (28-45)
The rumors of Darrell May's return to adequacy have been greatly exaggerated. May went 6.0 weak, allowing 7 R, 8H, and managing only 2Ks. And yes Virginia, the Royals made their daily error in tonight's game- keeping up their all around effort at failure.

Hey, at least there were some doubles hit, which had to excite the 14 thousand scatter around one of America's most beautiful ballparks.

In other news, the K's park factor continues to drop, and prior to tonight's game it sat at .839, making it the 27th stingiest venue in MLB. Registering at 29th is none other than the Rhineland's Great American Ballpark, which was bemoaned as a character-less launch-pad during it's first season.


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