Royals Nightly
Saturday, June 26, 2004
Game 71- Cardinals 3, Royals 1 (28-43)
The word doldrums comes to mind. The Royals have now dropped three games in a row, definitively ending that vague period of goodness they had in early to mid June. The Cards ran wild on newbie John Buck, going 4 for 5 in steal attempts... which was either TLR being TLR or, a very very bad sign. Bad, that is, in a not actually really that bad at all kind of way. Sure, giving up 4 steals a night for the next 90 games would be lame as hell, but then again, the Royals aren't going anywhere and steals are more eye-candy than anything else. Worse than the steals was the 18 men left on base... just terrible.

Is there an error EVERY game from this team?

Did anyone notice that it didn't take that long for Rudy Seanez to have his ERA go from 0.00 to a more ex-Ranger like 5.40??

Playing spoiler would have been cool, winning a series against the Cards would have been cool, and playing good baseball in front of 40K at the K would have been cool. But, this just isn't a cool world we are living in right now.

At least Curtis Leskanic stumbled into another pennant race, Grimmy's O's are looking up at the Devil Rays, and Beltran's 0-2 with the Astros. Pointless bitterness I honor thee!!!


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