Royals Nightly
Thursday, June 24, 2004
Game 68- Royals 7, Tigers 3 (28-40)
So the official story is that the "Comeback of Darrell May" is in full swing, as May went 7 innings, allowing 9 hits, no walks and 2 runs. Alright, I guess thats sorta true. May's ERA is down to 5.67, which still makes him a better candidate for the 5th starter spot on the White Sox than it does Royals staff ace. Still, at times like this, its important to be happy, and to savor a coveted series victory.

The Royals took 5 walks on the night, to go along with striking out 9 times-- so at least they took some pitches. I'm happy to see Dee Brown pick up a couple of big singles; if Dee's ever going to have a major league career of any substance, he needs to the next month to be the month of his life at the plate.

The Royals are now 2 games behind the Tigers in the race for fourth place, going 11-9 in June.


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