Royals Nightly
Friday, June 18, 2004
Game 64- Royals 10, Phillies 4 (26-38)
Insane. Absolutely, positively insane. On the road, the Royals have not only scored 10 runs three games in a row, they've also won all three games. The boys in blue drew 7 walks tonight, which is slightly less incredible than watching FOX for 20 minutes and not seeing a "North Shore" commerical. Swingin' Ken Harvey stole a base, which makes up for the fact that he left approximately 25 men on base. Thats what makes the 10 runs even more amazing- it could have easily been 15. Other than Bennie's homer, the ROyals didn't do a damn thing with 2-out, and there was exactly 1 baserunner along for the ride on Stairs' two bombs.

The madness of Chris George continues. About once every 3 starts he'll have one of these games: 6.2IP, 9Hs 1BB 1K and 4Rs. Four runs allowed isnt really good, but it isn't terrible, and thus, for at least another month we'll have to operate under the somewhat questionable assumption that Chris George is an adequate major league pitcher. The bullpen continues its miracle run at being an asset, with Cerda, Seanez and Field only allowing 2 baserunners in 2.1 innings.

Its simple really. Release Curtis Leskanic, start winning by 6 runs a night. Allard, you've done it again!!


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