Royals Nightly
Thursday, June 17, 2004
Game 63- Royals 10, Braves 4 (25-38)
Well that was cool... Beltran gave Royals fans one more great performance, Ken Harvey drew a walk and Desi Relaford pushed a John Thompson pitch over the wall for his first homer of the season.

10 runs? 20 runs in 2 games? Where in the hell did this come from? I think the Braves, of course, had something to do with it. Its a strange Atlanta team this season, a team that essentially looks like an extreme version of what the Braves have done every season since 2001- a little bit worse on paper each year. Except, this year they finally are worse on the field. Their lineup is downright annoymous- Nick Green, Mark Hessman, Adam LaRouche, Mark DeRosa- who are these guys? I'm convinced the Jones boys are the strangest stars in baseball. Think Shawn Green circa 2001, meets Shawn Green circa 2004, the peak's gone, their both strangely under the radar, not quite as good as they were supposed to be, but still young.

Enough Braves theory.

Does anyone else think that May and Anderson should pitch in tandem regularly? Alternate between starters, so that our blind devotion to the "win" can be honored, but the catch is that you pull them after 3,4,5, or whenever. I really think this could work. May's been a tad better than Anderson, but he's still been a negative component. Then again, he might lose the coveted team strikeout lead.

Manderson today: 7IP, 4R/2ER, 4Ks 9H

I'll take it. Although it did look like Anderson was about 2 more batters from blowing the game in the 7th.


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