Royals Nightly
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Game 62- Royals 10, Braves 4 (24-38)
UnfreakinBelievable. The Royals turned another disspiriting loss into a 10-4 route, scoring 9 runs in the game's final two innings. They totalled 20 hits, including 9 for extra bases. Generally, the Royals take about a week to get 9 XBHs. Jimmy Gobble even managed to fan three Braves, matching his season high. The bullpen was solid, allowing only 1 run in 4 innings of work, even flashing the occassional strikeout. Weird. Hell, at this rate Berroa might field an OPS over .650 for the first time all year.

I have no idea where this came from, which of course, is the good thing about sports. The bad thing about sports, and life, is that even if you have the best day of your life, sometimes its only a day long. The Royals are still mired in dead last, 5.5 games behind 4th place Detroit.

Was tonight the last awesome game Carlos Beltran will have for the Royals? Tonight, we can't say, so lets toast Carlos this evening. Aww... OK... and Randa too, the Joker went 4/5, and his 9th inning double might have been his biggest hit of the year.


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