Royals Nightly
Sunday, June 06, 2004
Game 54- Red Sox 5, Royals 3 (20-34)
First, the good news, Harvey and Grimmy are apparently OK after their 6th inning collision, as X-rays have been negative. The 6th was a terrible inning, in which a fluky series win turned into an as-to-be-expected loss. I'm tempted to say Pena rode George too long, but it was the freakin' SIXTH INNING. What is the reasonable expectation for Royals starters at this point?

"Yea, Sonny, you give us a chance to win after 4 innings and we'll let the once horrible, now vaguely good pen and the offense that doesn't walk or hit for power do the rest!"

Wasn't that how the Yankee dynasty was built?

By the way, the Royals struck out 9 Sox. Pretty cool.

Cattiness aside, the Royals pitched well today, other than the 6th inning meltdown I'll take 5 runs allowed against a good RS offense at home. Cerda/Sullivan/Leskanic combined for 3.2IP allowing 3Hs 1B and 4Ks. The Royals bats grabbed one walk and 2 extra base hits. Hey, Sweeney homered again. Cool.

Two losses in a row. Bad.


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