Royals Nightly
Sunday, June 06, 2004
Game 53- Red Sox 8, Royals 4 (20-33)
The way I see it there are 5 positive events that we can glean from last night's other wise ho-hum loss to the Red Sox.

1) Sweeney's homer. Maybe he hasn't become Jon Olerud just yet.

2) Ken Harvey has extended his hit streak to 14. Ladies and gents, this is your 2004 Royals All-Star representative right now.

3) Brian Anderson throwing 4 good innings, allowing 3 hits and only 1 run. BA lowered his ERA from 7.71 to 7.38. Anderson's a good bet to start improving. He's not great, but he's not a 7ERA guy. Well, at least he wasn't before this year.

4) UHh... May did strikeout 6 Red Sox, which is like, sorta, uhh, you know, not common for this team.

5) The crowd approached the 30,000 range. I'll take it for a last place team in a tiny market. Hopefully the crowd wasn't half Boston fans.


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