Royals Nightly
Friday, June 04, 2004
Game 52- Royals 5, Red Sox 2 (20-32)
Jimmy Gobble struck out 1 over 6 innings, registering an always allusive "quality start" in the process. Gobble did what Gobble absolutely must do- he surrendered no walks (no easy task against the Sox) and allowed only one home run. This isn't to say that the Red Sox couldn't have won the game, or scored more runs against Jimmy, because they easily could have.

Better still, the Royals bullpan came in and did their thing- 3IP: 1H, 2BB, 2Ks and no runs. Chalk up a save for Affeldt... the kids doing well. I'm sure his former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader wife was proud.

Wonder of wonders, the Royals even drew 5 walks, and lo and behold they didn't need 12 hits to score 5 runs. Lets hope the patience keeps up, although its likely it had more to do with Wakefield than the Royals.

Two wins in a row... and giving the Red Sox a loss on a night when the Yankees won. This might be the Royals most relevant night of the season -in the eyes of the East Coast media elite establishment that is ;) Good to see that a nice, loud 28,182-sized crowd showed up at the K.


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