Royals Nightly
Thursday, June 03, 2004
Game 51- Royals 9, Tigers 6 (19-32)
The Royals season this year has been like that opening scene in Mr. Baseball you know, when Selleck's dreaming and his AB never ends, swinging strike after swinging strike? Thats been the Royals season, well, without the strikeout part. Against that dark backdrop, a series split in Detroit seems a little better than it probably is. Yet, today's win was a nice one for a couple of reasons.

First, the Royals showed some patience at the plate, drawing an unheard of 6 walks, flashing some extra-base power and generally being productive. Beltran had a big day, hell, he looked like Ken Harvey going 3-4 with a couple doubles and four RBIs.

Second, Dennys Reyes lasted 6.2 innings, and while he was a bit shaky at the end, he only gave up 6 hits. Being a Royal, he only struckout 1 Tiger, but fiddlesticks... fie on strikeouts!!

Kelly Stinnett made another strong showing for more playing time, and lets hope that Pena gives in and sits Bennie a tad more frequently.


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