Royals Nightly
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Game 50- Tigers 2, Royals 0 (18-32)
Not pretty, not pretty at all. Well, The Second Coming, aka Zack G. was pretty, keeping the Tigers off-balance and largely off the board all night. Mama always said there'd be nights we lost to Brandon Inge, and when that happened to just tip the old cap and acknowledge greatness.

Or something like that.

That this dude now has 5 homers and an OPS over 800 is testament to the fact that we can all count on the occasional period of extended luck at some point in our lives. Inge was possibly the worst regular player in baseball the past two seasons, and now he's turned into some weird combination of Mike Lieberthal and Craig Biggio, a player that is actually an asset to the team in reality. This is opposed to a stiff who is an asset to the team only in the unbelived and insincere words of the team's announcers, who must makeup stories of his clubhouse moxie, spectacular job in the field and laying down the critical bunt, and selfless dedication to kittens, the children and the Amazonian jungle.

The Royals, in the meantime, are going through a serious and somewhat bizarre regression. They have simply stopped drawing walks, usually muster about 2.5 extra base hits a game and are anti-clutch at the plate.

Not that clutchness actually exists.

But, Big Zack is now a day closer to his CBA allowed free agency, and the team is no closer to a division title or even 4th place because of it. Considering the Royals lost the game, you can't even call that a pyrrhic victory.


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