Royals Nightly
Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Game 49- Royals 5, Tigers 3 (18-31)
As they say on the reservation, "bingo!". Chris George appears out of nowhere and goes 6.2 innings- rare for Royalty this season- keeping the Kansans in the game. Being Chris George, he was more fortunate than good, walking 5 and allowing 7 hits, but this is the same guy who led the team in wins last year, while being one of the team's absolute worst starters. (9 wins, 7.11 ERA) Clearly, like Derek Jeter and Chris Duhon, he's a "winner".

KC's main players contributed to an 7th and 9th inning rally that turned a loss into a win, with just a little help from ole Cardinal and Devil Ray fan favorite Esteban Yan.


Affeldt has 4 saves, and Swingin' Ken continued to improve his trade stockwith three hits and a sac fly.
Believe Allard, Believe

The ROyals win was doubley huge because the Indians lost, allowing our boys to pick up a game in the race for not being last.

Composite Pitching Line:

9.0IP: 10Hits, 5BBs, 4Ks and 3 ER/Rs


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