Royals Nightly
Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Game 48- Tigers 8, Royals 4 (17-31)
Another losing streak has begun. Detroit clobbered the Royals with 8 extra base hits- roughly the equivalent of what KC does on a good weekend- including an inside the park homer. The Royal's pitching staff has returned to form after the 11K effort against the Twins 3 days ago, as May-Anderson-Cerda-Leskanic combined for no Ks and 5BBs.

Current Strikeout Standings- at a glance.

1. Houston 418

11. Minn 322

15. Detroit 310
20. Cleveland 301
24. CWS 286


On a positive note, congrats to Swingin' Ken Harvey, he's now second in the AL in batting average, and has posted a .358/.400/.537 line so far... which has to be his peak. Still, its awesome, and the team needs it, so no more damning him with faint praise for awhile.


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