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Thursday, June 24, 2004
The End of an Era
Its finally happened. Damn, the most important day of the season and the best I can do for internet is a pretty sketchy dialup on the road.

Did anyone else get this weird feeling that the most critical move in the deal was actually the A's getting Dotel? I'm not sure their 'pen is as bad as it has been, but the addition of Dotel certainly improves things greatly. Its pretty amazing that the 'Stros have dealt Billy Wagner AND Dotel in a period of 6 months, either they "get it" and truly think that pens can be built from scraps and duct tape, OR, their just truly ballsy, and probably really really believe in their guys.

Enough about the Astros. I'll focus tomorrow on what the Royals got, right now its time to think about what they've lost, and what they once had. Carlos Beltran, when you factor in his defensive value at a critical position (on a flyball staff) has to be one of the top 6 Royals ever, and probably the most complete player since Brett's retirement. Of course, I was pretty high on Sweeney once, and since then he's slid closer and closer to league average.

Finally, I guess it goes without saying that Beltran wasn't going to be resigned. Allard went for it this season, and largely because of a) the offense completely tanking and b) sporting perhaps the worst starting 5 in the AL it didn't work out. When all was lost, he started trading.

More tomorrow.

Seacrest Out.


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