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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Bye Bye Grimmy
Jason Grimsley was a hard player to follow. Mainly, I remember a few early games this season, and a loong stretch during last season's dog days in which dude was completely terrible. Grimsley was apart of the terrible 5-4 loss in Cleveland, which I am convinced was the beginning of the end for this team. Regarding last year, essentially, Pena wore him down last season and it showed.

I guess Baltimore's dead set on not finishing behind the Devil Rays in the standings, because thats the only reason I can ascertain that they would be buyers this trade season.

Heres JG's last three seasons

2002 71.1 IP 3.91 ERA 1.42 WHIP
2003 75.0 IP 5.16 ERA 1.65 WHIP
2004 26.2 IP 3.38 ERA 1.46 WHIP

Its a good trade for two reasons, the Royals don't need Grimsley anymore- they've got another innings sponge in Sullivan and lots of adequate replacements lying around in the Camp/Field/Cerda region. Plus, even if this moved seriously weakened the Royals' pen, it really wouldn't matter, because, well, nothing matters for 2004.

That being said, this looks like an attempt to get younger and cheaper more than an attempt to get better. Denny Bautista, as far as I can tell, is remarkable in that he is friends with Pedro Martinez (same guy right??) and is 23 years old. He's a reliever prospect, which should tell us alot about his ultimate "upside".

Still, Grimmy wasn't going to be a part of the next contending Royals team, and wasn't really pushing the team towards anything this year. Perhaps Allard sees something in Bautista, I'll take his word for it I guess. My internet situation isn't such that I can really dig into DB at this point, so I'll just let whatever the Star says work for me.

Damn... it still looks like a weird trade for the Orioles to be making... but, a run at .500 baseball is a seductive prize.


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