Royals Nightly
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Some Stats
OPSs of Note:

C. Beltran 1.003
M. Stairs .832
K. Harvey .794 (batting .316 will do that)
M. Sweeney .791
J. Randa .781
J. Gonzalez .760
A. Berroa .523 (also known as "Derek Jeter Territory")

Well, thats simply not good enough for a lineup core. Maybe if Beltran was pulling a Barry Bonds and was closer to 1.300 than 1.000 it might be OK. As noted below, considering that Stairs was picked up cheaply, I'll take the .832. Harvey will be below .700 by August, just my own little pessimistic prediction. Clearly, the real problem spots are Berroa and Sweeney, although a .760 from Juan Gone sucks as well, especially when we are eating his "defense" and (cough cough) whatever ill effects his bad attitude has.

Pitches per PLate Appearance

Mendy 4.4 (uhh, ok)
C. Beltran 4.2
A. Guiel 4.1 (well, at least he was making the pitchers work)
J. Randa 4.0 (but he's still swingin on 3-1 and 3-2)
K. Harvey 3.7
M. Sweeney 3.4

Sweeney's seeing the fewest pitches of any regular not named Benito, he still squeezing some OBP out of his appearances, but he's still well behind even Randa in that category. I do give some credence to the idea that certain members of the lineup need to be a bit more free swinging, because said members can actually hit, but Sweeney's never been a monster power guy, and his value decreases dramatically when he's not getting on base 40% of the time.

Now for the really fun stuff...

K/9IP- Starting Rotation

D. May 6.97 (seriously, doesnt this seem a bit high??)
J. Affeldt 4.08
B. Anderson 3.48
J. Gobble 2.16

2.16!! And he's probably been the most occasionally effective one!! I think this is a stat that has a bit more value in evaluating starters than relievers, mainly because theres a higher innings sample, but also because of the nature of the roles. Leskanic and Mac have been wholly ineffective, but have proven capable of striking a guy out per inning. For what its worth.


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