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Saturday, May 22, 2004
Quality Starts through 5/21
"Quality Start"= Pitcher goes 6IP or more, allowing 3 runs or less.

-There is a stat called "blown quality starts", and I'm not totally sure if that refers to the reliver, or the starter who blows the chance.

-Also, as you will see below, there were a few games in which a Royals starter had a QS through 6IP, then lost it later in the game. To be honest, I have no idea if these count or not.

-I did this "by hand" so to speak, since I couldn't find a site that listed them, so I may have missed 1 or 2, but I doubt it.

- 4-9 Gobble v. CLE (W)
- 4-22 Affeldt v. CLE (L)
- 4-27 Affeldt v. TEX (L)
- 5-2 Affeldt v. NYY *( lost QS with 2 Rs in 7th) (L)
- 5-3 Gobble v. TOR (W)
- 5-7 Affeldt v. BOS *(lost QS in 8th)(L)
- 5-9 May v. BOS (W)
- 5-15 May v. OAK (L)
- 5-16 Anderson v. OAK * (lost in 7th)(L)
- 5-19 Gobble v. TEX (W)

Royals Record in these games: 4-6


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