Royals Nightly
Monday, May 10, 2004
In the Season Preview I predicted that the Royals would go 85-77 and win the division. Through 29 games, the team is 9-20, and enjoys the benefits that a .310 winning percentage brings.

So, if that 85-77 team still exists, and they played like it (.5246 ball) the rest of the way, where would the Royals end up? In the 133 games remaining, that 85 win team would go somewhere around 70-63 (hardly sparkling by the way) to finish 79-83.

To be honest, that doesn't look too bad, and doesn't look too far from what many had the ROyals pegged as. Of course, this may not be a .5246 team, and may certainly not be one if players start getting traded. Everything being equal luck and reasonable expectation wise- predicting 85 wins was about as optimisitic as I could go... and now 1) that looks insane and 2) even if they resume that pace, they are still not gonna win 80 games.

I really want a .500 team... This organization must plow its way back to what was lost in 2002- the all-time winning record... which a decade of ineptitude ruined.


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