Royals Nightly
Sunday, May 30, 2004
Hollywood Harvey
-Ken Harvey is batting .351, good for 4th in the AL and 8th overall.

Swingin' Ken also leads the ROyals in OPS, and his .915 tally is good for 37th best in baseball.

AL OPS Ranks by POsition (qualified batters only)

1B- K. Harvey 5th (.915)
M. Sweeney 10th (.823)

3B- J. Randa 10th (.739)

CF- C. Beltran 2nd (.874)
DH- K. Harvey 5th (.915)

Well, Harvey is posting an OPS over .900 with nearly 50 games played, so I should probably give him some credit. Yes, its basically all batting average, and its hard for anyone to bat .350, much less a moderately overweight guy. Still, he's doing it, and its good. He's not drawing too many walks, but the .350BA isn't totally empty, as he's managing to post an OBP in the .390s.

Sweeney's not really getting it done, but he has raised his OPS about 30 points in the last week, so at least he's getting better.


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