Royals Nightly
Saturday, May 29, 2004
Game 46- Royals 5, Twins 2 (17-29)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. How do you love that you evil Twins?!?!? As noted before, the Twins have to be one of the most hated teams in the heartland. All last season the Royals had to deal with their lack of respect, especially from the Minnesota press, which insisted that the ROyals weren't for real. (Never matter that they were essentially right.)
The Royals have now won 4 of 5 games against the Tigers and Twins. Minnesota- and especially their super-subs on offense- appears to enjoying a nice long regression to the mean, as they've really struggled in the past two weeks. Only scoring 3 runs in the first two days at the K should be a big fat red flag that something might be wrong with this team. Beyond the lack of runs, the Twins somehow struck out 11 times today against a ROyals pitching staff that has been dead last in the MLB in Ks since mid-April.

Repeat: the Royals struck out 11 Twins today.

que Penaism...


I love seeing Stairs do well, and don't look now but the Royals pen has kept up its recent run towards adequacy.


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