Royals Nightly
Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Game 42- Royals 4, Tigers 3 (14-28)
Ahh, the sweet taste of Tiger. With the help of umpire C.B Bucknor, the Royals held off the Tigers tonight at the K, as the 2nd Base Umpire made the correct call- interference- on the game ending double play.

Its a ballsy call to make in that situation, and of course if the Royals had been on the other side of the play I would be livid. Still, thats why the rule is there, and if anything JA deserved a break, after it appeared that an ever shoddy KC defense would again damn him. The Royals' 6 saves are now spread between 5 pitchers, and don't look now but Curtis Leskanic's ERA is under 10 for the first time since mid-April.

Chalk up Gobble with a Quality Start, as he held down a fairly strong Detroit lineup over 6.2, somehow surrendering only 3hits.

The Royals drew one walk from the Tiger staff, and continue to play their anamolous brand of BB and K free baseball, from both sides of the plate. Swingin' Ken's homer in the bottom of the 8th was gigantic and the Royals effectively squeezed 4 runs out of 3 extra-base hits, some sac flies and a bunch of singles.

On the momentum of this exciting win, I have no doubt that the Royals will play tomorrow's game in front of AT LEAST 15,000 fans.



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