Royals Nightly
Sunday, May 23, 2004
Game 41- A's 3, Royals 2 (13-28)
Ho-hum, A's steal another win from the hapless Royals, sweeping our boys for the second time in 10 days. What else is new? You can add Reyes's outing to the team's small list of "quality starts" this season, and you can also pencil-in today's game as a small bump-in-the-road in the continuing development of Nate Field.

The Royals only drew one walk this afternoon, capping off a lost weekend in Oakland plate-discipline wise, garnering only 3 walks in 3 games. I don't want to sound like another schill for OBP, but perhaps when you score 6 runs in 3 games theres sufficient cause for alarm. Especially when 3 extra innings were played. Alas, what does it matter now? Perhaps AB's best off-season as a GM will only fill him with disapointment and bitterness, and in 2 years all the progress that this organ-i-za-tion (Canuck style) has made, on the field and philosophically, will be lost in the hazy enthusiasms of the next big plan.

It could happen.

Well, at least Sweeney's showing a little power, and the 2 errors committed today didn't cost anyone any runs. Ohh, and Beltran's slumping... just wanted to let everyone know.


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