Royals Nightly
Thursday, May 20, 2004
Game 38- Rangers 6, Royals 3 (13-25)
Its a sad example of the ole "damning with faint praise" scenario, but did anyone else feel like this was kind of a good outing by May? In essence, he did what he's done all year, fanned 2 or 3 guys, given up the critical hits/homers at the wrong times and pitched the Royals to a loss. At the same time, all the trouble came in one inning, and he was the victim of a Randa error. And, I guess, at this point only allowing 6Rs (3ER) constitutes something approaching "giving his team a chance to win".

But on the flip side May only lasted 4 innings, and the Royals used 5 relivers to preserve a 3 run deficit that would not go away. Sullivan is quickly becoming a tradeble asset, especially with his ability to pitch every day. Leskanic continues his irrelevant run at post-meltdown improvement, and Nate Field lowered his ERA to 1.76.

This is, sorta, a good bullpen.

Offensively the Royals pounded out 11 hits, but had only one go for extra bases (Beltran 2B) and drew only 1 walk. With that in mind, its a bit lucky they even scored 4 runs.

Sigh, no sweep, no winning streak.


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