Royals Nightly
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Game 37- Royals 5, Rangers 3 (13-24)
Is it OK to get a little excited?? Two wins in a row, ON THE ROAD, for this team is a pretty big deal. Plus, just as soon as I had ripped Swingin' Ken, he homers. Ditto for Juan Gone, and ditto-lite for Angel. The Royals continued their magical no strikeouts or walks routine, with the entire crew combining for 2Ks and one BB. Amazing.

Huisman has pitched 6.1 innings in the big leagues, and has allowed 2 hits and no runs. Throw together a pen with him, Camp, Field, Cerda and Mac and I think theres something of value and even perhaps promise there. Of course, the starting rotation would still be terrible. But it would be a start.


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