Royals Nightly
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Game 36- Royals 7, Rangers 6 (12-24)
Historic Night? Scott Sullivan stormed into the team lead in wins, with a blazing 3. Nate Field secured his first save, which I guess is good. Its horrible, but I'm actually afraid at what will happen next--- Pena starts saving Field for the 9th inning, with a lead between 1-3 runs, and the team blows 2 leads in the 7th per week. I dunno, at this point is it even worth worrying about? Should we just have Field grab 10 saves at the All-Star break and trade him to the Phillies (hello Ed Wade) for peanuts and a little cash?

-The Royals are 4-14 on the road. Ugly.
-The Royals offense has been more mediocre than good, but considering what they've gotten out of Matt Stairs, at least one Allard move looks good, as he's posted a .278/.365/.467 line this season.

Looking backwards, in Feb/March what exactly was the plan for the pitching staff? Was the idea that the all-lefty thing was really gonna mean that much? Or that the defense would convert the barrage of balls in play into outs, thanks to the newly spacious K, and that May and BA would win 12-15 games each, and Affeldt and Appier would combine for 20? In hindsight of course, it all looks absurd... The problem is not so much the horrible play- that happens. The problem is that it looks like the Royals aren't really suffering from bad luck as much as they are displaying a lack of quality talent evaluation/forecasting and a potential to wishcast. Throwing out MacDougal's (I guess) injury-related ills, other than Leskanic, there is really no one on the pitching staff thats shockingly underperformed. They've been bad, but they've also been bad within their established performance mean and now everyone's walking around shocked.


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