Royals Nightly
Friday, May 07, 2004
Game 27- Red Sawks 7, Royals 6 (8-19)
The Royals predictably blew a 4 run lead tonight in Boston, doing what bad teams do best, blowing a late inning lead against a superior opponent on the road. One of Affeldt's better efforts of the season was wasted, and I believe that Pena's decision to send him out in the 8th was quite debatable. Nevertheless, after a rare road appearance by "Good Grimsley" the ROyals headed to the 9th up 2.

I wonder what the precise odds of them blowing the game where at 6-2? Because I certainly would have taken that bet.

Walk, Homer, Strikeout, Walk, Popup, Double, Game.

I was really heartened to see that Pena pulled the plug on MacDougal in favor of Sullivan. But thats small consolation.

Suddenly, the Royals are racing towards 100 loses. Ohh ye margin between contender in a terrible division and utter pretender, how small ye are!! The boys at Baseball Prospectus recently wrote that "theres not a dime of difference" between this year's dreadful spring Royals and last season's dyanmo... Not completely sure about that, the pitching is certainly worse, especially the back end of the pen.

If the ROyals go 54-81 (.400) from here out they will lose 100 games, they're playing at a below .300 clip right now.


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