Royals Nightly
Thursday, May 06, 2004
Game 26- Jays 10, Royals 3 (8-18)
Anderson- 4 Innings- 11 hits, 10 RA 6 of which are "earned". No walks.

Do you realize how docile your stuff has to be to give up 10 runs without walking anyone???

pretty docile...

batting practice stuff...

Aside from the continuing errors problem, its clear that the ROyals defense is not very good, and that they aren't great at converting the barrage of balls in play into outs. Then again, the staff is giving up balls in play like its going out of style, as there are no Ks, few BBs and not too many HRs.

Actually, i don't even know about the HR rate, need to recheck.

Blegh. Horrible loss. Let another losing streak begin.


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