Royals Nightly
Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Game 25- Jays 5, Royals 4 (8-17)
On April 11th the Royals defeated Cleveland at home 5-3, winning the third game of the series after dropping the opener. Since that day, which is nearly a month buried into the past, the Royals have failed to win consecutive games. It didn't happen tonight, as Pat Hentgen was on hand for the Annual "Turn Back the Clock to 1996" night, reminding us of his 20-10 season as we marvelled at the memories of all the Tarantino knockoffs that were popular at that time. The Royals didn't have many baserunners, and only left 3 men on base, which is quite difficult to do in a major league game not pitched by late 80's Frank Viola.

May pitched fairly good, 5ER in 7IP isn't much to blog home about, but we've seen much worse this year, and if nothing else he ate innings.

Do we get an error from a SS every Royals game?

This was a winnable game, as the Jays didn't put things away and the Royals kept it interesting with a late rally. If this team can get to 15 wins before they reach 20 losses, I think they may have a shot. Right now, forget about the standings and how many games back the Royals are- they are 9 games under .500, and will likely need to be at least that many games over .500 to win the division.

That is still the ostensible point right?


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