Royals Nightly
Monday, May 03, 2004
Game 24- Royals 3, Jays 2 (8-16)
Gobble Gobble.
Jimmy Gobble, losing streak stopper. Jimmy Gobble, Royals Rotation Ace. Jimmy Gobble, perfect through 5 1/3. Jimmy Gobble, American Hero.

I think its fairly debatable whether or not JG should have started the ninth, but he was right around 100 pitches, so not beyond the pale for Pena to leave him in. Of course, Mac blowing the lead was about as predictable as a game of Monopoly, but Nate Field (of the Field/Camp dynamic duo of anonymity) was there to save the day.

Did I mention those damn White Sox keep winning?

Offensively, Swingin' Ken Harvey continues to be a man amongst boys- blasting too amazing awesome tremendous singles. Angels among us returned and struck out four times (call Pete Incavalgia), and Aaron Guiel warmed the hearts of his devoted following, blasting the game winning homer in the ninth.

Plus, J. Cerda saved the game from catastrophe in the 10th, reminding me of how wise I was to bitch about him being sent down the first time.

Strikeout/Walk watch: 1K in 10 innings for Royals pitchers... 3 walks... I think its time to email Neyer about this phenomena.


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