Royals Nightly
Sunday, May 02, 2004
Game 23- Yankees 4, Royals 2 (7-16)
Royals manage to strikeout 5 yankees in 8 innings. Affeldt pitches OK, but losing continues with no end in sight.
It doesn't even hurt anymore, because the pain from the loss before never left. I'm still smarting from the loss of the final game in Cleveland.

Watching ESPN's Baseball Tonight, I'm struck by how deeply the baseball world is developing its own little culture war. Harold Reynolds, John Kruk and Berman just spent 10 minutes crudely attacking OBP. The argument, comparing vaguely fast guys with low OBPs that still score more runs than slow walkers like Frank Thomas and Giambi. Not a single mention of who's batting in front of whom, or how Giambi is the guy making Jeter score.

On one hand, I don't care, on another, its really frustrating. Again, the response of the traditionalist community never changes- present largely misunderstood over-simplification of the new wave, argue (often bizaarly) using selective facts (i.e. the runs scored stat) and then conclude with something approach an ad hom... being a former player versus not playing usually works in spades.

More on the ROyals tomorrow... but in the meantime, sit back and realize just how unlikely it is that this team finishes above .500 now.


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