Royals Nightly
Friday, April 23, 2004
Some Quick Pitching Stats
Royals Pitching Stats through 14 games

-Walks+Hits per Innings Pitched: 1.558 (11th in AL)
-ERA: 5.71 (14th/Dead Last in AL)
-Strikeouts: 79 (12th in AL)

By the way, the AL Central is featuring some brutal pitching, between the Royals, Tigers and Indians. I was a bit surprised that the Tigers were actually allowing the highest batters-faced OPS in the AL, given their "hot start" and pitchers park.

One encouraging thing- the White SOx aren't striking anyone out. They are actually 9Ks behind the Royals so far, which is, for Royals fans, a good indicator of how their pitching might drop off down the road.


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