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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Royals Lead AL in HRs.
- Buoyed by an AL best 22 homers, the Royals miraculously inch into the top half of the AL in the ROb Neyer/Billy Beane concocted "Beane Count" despite having one of the worst pitching staffs in the major leagues. (The BC considers a team's ranking in HRs hit and allowed and BBs taken and given) Going forward, I'm tempted to say that the Royals won't keep up this power surge, but looking at the players involved, perhaps such negativity isn't justified. This isn't like last year when Brent Mayne had an OPS over 1.000 for most of the month of April; by and large theres just been some consistent power throughout the lineup.

OPS through (cough cough) the first 12 games:

Beltran- 1.234
Randa- .920
Sweeney- .887
Gonzo - .859
Swingin' Ken Harvey- .790 (with exactly 1 extra base hit and an OBP higher than his SLG)
Tony G- .794
Santiago- .712
Guiel- .689

I think Randa and Guiel will eventually meet in the middle, probably in the low .800 range or perhaps a tad lower. Santiago's been worrying me since he was acquired. and is probably just as likely to post an OPS of .830 or so as he is to be below .700... he's just that old. Other than that, Beltran probably can't keep up this pace, although he's also perfectly capable of it, and I'd take even money that he reaches the ASB over 1.000... The point is, this is the picture of an offense that is functioning fairly well. The injuries to Berroa and Relaford essentially make Tony G the everyday player he's really never been, and most of the time, theres a reason for that. We'll see... there's always the miraculous rebirth of Raul Ibanez to dream about.


Team ERA 6.12
Team K/9 6.12

Ummmm... there certainly isn't a baseball adage dorky enough to involved K/9 in relation to ERA yet, but suffice to say, we could probably invent one that ended in something like "very very bad"... I'll be interested to see how closely the too figures match each other as the year goes on, but if Anderson and May keep facing hitters we might get a chance to see which figure breaks first. At this point, the ERA is impossibly high, but with no real reason to think it will get better, while the K/9 is lame as hell, but still a little higher than I thought. Thank God Cerda was sent to OMaha, he lead the team in the category!!

Finally, perhaps my favorite stat

Brian Anderson has allowed 4 home runs and only struck out 7 batters.


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